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GPS vehicle tracking is one of the more convenient and cost effective ways of monitoring a subject’s everyday movement which can easily be achieved 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  GPS vehicle tracking is a powerful tool for catching that cheating spouse, husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.  This evidence is collected quickly and efficiently and in the most discreet way without raising any suspicions from your suspected cheating spouse or partner.

As standard procedure at Shadow Private Investigations, all our clients who take our service are provided with a unique web address and log in details to our servers in order for you to monitor the movements of the suspected cheating partner, boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse.  The information you have access to is the same GPS tracking service our Private Investigators use so you can be assured of accurate real time information.

This type of tracking service is best suited for those who have private transportation.

Confronting a cheating partner or spouse is never easy, however, with the GPS tracking services that is provided by Shadow Private Investigations, you will have the boost of confidence knowing that the evidence is indisputable.

GPS tracking will finally put your mind at rest and you will finally know the truth to your suspected cheating partner, spouse, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend’s and all there movements when they are not at home.

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